Anti-Bug® Hard-Top Mat


The HardTop mouse mats are the original and best mouse mat,  and are the best selling mouse mat in Europe currently.

An everlasting under-surface print combined with a non-slip foam base provides for an exceptional value for money mat.

This mat will last almost indefinitely.

A selection of standard shapes is available.

All Mouse mats feature a large print area for branding and promotional messages and provide for a long-lasting promotional message on the desktops of those that receive them

This product is treated with a patent-protected, fully certified AntiBug® treatment to keep germs at bay.

The specialist surface starts to fight germs as soon as they come into contact and has been clinically proven to kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria from 50 common organisms such as MRSA, E.coli and salmonella and will continue to fight for the lifetime of the product.

Standard shapes/Sizes: Rectangle 200mm x 235mm, Square 200mm x 200mm, Oval 200mm x 235mm, Circle 200mm diameter, House 230mm x 195mm, Heart 200mm x 235mm, Phone 233mm x 185mm, T-Shirt 220mm x 200mm, Truck 200mm x 210mm, Hexagon 230mm x 200mm, Laptop 200mm x 235mm, Pillow 200mm x 235mm.

All prices exclude VAT
Origination and Carriage are extra.